Shreveport-Bossier City Boxing Clubs May Need Sponorship For The 2016 Louisiana Govenor’s Games

With the upcoming 2016 Louisiana Governor’s Games Amateur Boxing Championships just around the corner, the primary concern for many of the local boxing clubs in the Shreveport-Bossier City area will be financial because it requires money to travel, lodging and to feed the athletes (including boxing coaches) competing in these amateur boxing tournaments.20150517_Day_2_LSG (1638)

It is almost a three hour drive to Lafayette from Shreveport (give or take road conditions) without stopping for restroom breaks or to refuel.

The Wyndham Gardens Lafayette Hotel (where the tournament will take place) is roughly eighty dollars ($80.00) per day without prearranged accommodations by the host boxing club (Ragin’ Cajun Boxing Club).Wyndham Garden Lafayette Pricing

Therefore, if you were paying for the expenses of the trip to the tournament, you are looking at possibly spending more than sixteen hundred dollars ($1,600.00) for at least seven people (three days). And then you have food expenses plus fuel.

75th Annual East Texas Golden Gloves Invasion
Amateur Boxing, USA

Basically, the Stephens Youth Activity Zone, the Dement Brothers Old School Boxing Club, Paxton’s Boxing Club and the Shreveport Youth Boxing Club do need sponsorship. All four boxing programs are doing positive things for the local youth by taking them to these amateur boxing events and the head boxing coaches usually pay out of their own pockets. Sometimes that usually means that they (the athletes) cannot compete in these events. If these young athletes are representing our area, at least they could be sponsored by the local community.The Dement Brothers Old School Boxing Club



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