Shreveport-Bossier City Boxing Clubs Go 3 Out Of 7 At East Texas Golden Gloves

The Shreveport-Bossier City Invasion began with the Pee Wee (Novice) Division-55 Lbs at the 75th Annual East Texas Golden Gloves:

  • Cole Ramsey (of the Dement Brothers Old School Boxing Club or DBOSC, Bossier City, LA.), defeated Kash Hardy (Troup Boxing Gym or TBG, Troup, TX).

    Cole Ramsey

Little Cole Ramsey led “the Shreveport-Bossier City Invasion” at the 75th Annual East Texas Golden Gloves by winning a hard earned victory over a very tough competitor Kash Hardy of the Troup Boxing Gym (Troup, Texas)!

  • In the Pee Wee 75 Pound Weight Division, Edgar Rico of the Longview Boxing Gym (Longview, Texas) won his bout against Torance Smith of the Stephens Boxing Academy by walk over.
  • Christian Serrano (DOSBC) won his bout against Christopher Gentry (TBG) in the Pee Wee 75 Pound Weight Division, and looked very impressive at his first bout during competition! Be watching for this youngster in the future.

    Christian Serrano (left) corners his opponent.
  • Hesus Ramirez (TBG) won by decision over Trey Leonard (Shreveport Boxing Club or SBC) in the 71 Pound Weight Novice Division.
  • Peyton Lyon (TBG) won by decision over always game Toby Brook (DBOSC) in the 90 Weight Pound Open Division.
  • Byiese Sharp (SBC) won by walk over against Mateo Merced (Stephens Boxing Academy or SBA) in the 106 Pound Weight Novice Division.
  • Joshua Jackson (TBG) won by decision against Kartonio Kennedy (SBA) in the 154 Pound Weight Novice Division. It should be noted that a point was taken away from Kennedy when he hit his opponent after the final bell.
    Local Shreveport and Bossier City Boxers’ bout results are highlighted in yellow.

    Kartonio Kennedy (right) of the Stephens Boxing Academy showed his nervousness at his first amateur boxing match and it did cause him to make mistakes. Hopefully, Coach Jerry and the boxing trainers will sharpen his skills because he does have strength; but, no sharpness….yet.



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